We continuously make our best effort to ensure that each and every guest at The Residence at El Almendro feels not only comfortable, and secured but also pampered with pleasing luxury. Our guest comments are our best way of knowing if we are living up to or exceeding their expectations.
We enjoyed our stay in your beautiful penthouse. We spent many hours relaxing at the rooftop pool. It was a good way to reconnect with a busy family. Had a very relaxing and fun time in PV. Our favorite restaurant was Piazetta - Excellent Pizza. Also, Memo was wonderful. Stop on the way home at the Choco Banana for a drink. We had a wonderful time!

John, Mary, Emily, and Jessie, Santa Cruz, CA

Thank you so much for making our PV experience so enjoyable. We really appreciate the spirit of hospitality extended to us and the feeling of being a guest in your beautiful condo.

John and Chuck, San Francisco, CA

Fabulous stay! Our second time in this condo and we love it! Hope to be back next year. Thank you!

Randy and Yang, LA.

We had a GREAT time! The place is wonderful.... couldn't ask for anything more. We had 10 people over for Thanksgiving dinner... cooked everything (including the turkey) ourselves and it was great!!!. Memo and the housekeeper were amazing, we didn't want for anything.

Patrick Teague and friends

We had an amazing time in PV and staying at the Residence was great. Thank you so much for all the effort. The bedrooms were perfect and the place was convenient. Thank you for the extra bed and the BBQ. Both were used.

Tom Rich and friends

This place is truly beyond spectacular! We had a great time staying at this fabulous penthouse and all the great amenities were a big plus for us. The location is absolutely perfect and Memo and Mary were very nice and made our stay even much more enjoyable. We are in love with this penthouse and love with Puerto Vallarta and we are already planning the next trip. We will be back soon!

Thanks a million!

George, Doug, Stephen, Marco, Felipe, Danny, Jason and Nicholas
Chicago, IL

Wow! We can't find enough words to describe this incredible vacation home! This penthouse is truly amazing and it really blew us away when we walked in... Amazing!!! The luxury and comfort is abundant all throughout and the views are truly breathtaking. We have really enjoyed our stay in this beautiful place and we will definitively return soon (hopefully every year) :) Thank you for making your beautiful penthouse available to us.

Best wishes,

David and Melissa Clarkson (and traveling gang)
Seattle, WA.

What a wonderful place... I don’t want to go back! We have everything here. Great apartment to live in, great beach 2 steps away and amazing restaurants. (nobody got sick by the way). The kids are calling it their home so we hope to come back. Thank you so much.


Nadie, Ken, finny, and Rimy.

What a wonderful place! Thank you so much! Everything we would ever need was here!.


We enjoyed our stay at your lovely penthouse. The location was perfect!

Robert S.

What a truly beautiful place! When we were first told about this penthouse, they said it was a very nice place... they should have actually said it was "incredibly beautiful and very spacious" because that is exactly how we see it! We had previously made reservations at another place but when we learned that it was way too far from everything, we immediately became worried... Fortunately we found your place and the location couldn't be better! The beach is only a couple of minutes away and we love it!

Thank you so much!

Peter, Louis, Steve, Jason, Vlad, Tony, Doug and Kevin.
Chicago, IL

What a great time! Thank you for sharing your place with us.

Cory Robbins

What a place… so close to everything that matters, location is where you want to be, comfort is an understatement, great beach, restaurants, shopping, (sin) it is all here and more… Thanks!
What a gold mine!! Besides the great location, the condo itself is wonderful. As you know, we have a very large group yet everybody had their own space. It also offers plenty of room for having parties and dinners. It was a fantastic vacation!!!

Thank you

Ron, Patti, Tim, Missy, and Kelly.

Thanks for the wonderful holiday in the sun for everyone!


Thanks for your hospitality. Fabulous condo and beaches. Great way to relax!

Gary and Joann.

Hello Owners,

We had previously made reservations at another place in town and when we learned that it was too far from everything, we immediately became worried. Fortunately, we found your place after a few hours of Internet browsing. From the description, we could tell that it was a nice and decent place but when we arrived at your property, we could not believe our eyes! This is truly an amazing penthouse and our vacation has been amazing. The location could not be better! The beach is right here and we love it!

Thank you so much!

Peter, Louis, Steve, Jason, Vlad, Tony, Doug and Kevin.

Chicago, IL

Thank you for making our vacation to Puerto Vallarta the best vacation we've ever taken! We have truly enjoyed our time here in this incredible place and it it's an incredible feeling being here. Your website is right, this enchanting penthouse is tempting us no to leave, which means we will have to come back soon again! The location is excellent and all the people are so friendly. Your property manager Memo was always so helpful and gave us so many great tips and told us which restaurants to visit. Our favorite restaurant was La Piazzeta which is only a five minute walk from the place, so it was great. We also enjoyed seeing the fireworks show from the balcony every night and walked down to the Malecon several times.... This vacation was the best ever and we thank you for making this beautiful place available to us.

Denise, Clarissa, Alex, Nicolas and Tim.
Seattle, WA
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